GutterDome - Gold Performance

GutterDome is the perfect cover for the Midwest. It starts with an extruded aluminum channeled frame, making it one of the strongest guards on the market. The frame has a domed shape, which increases the amount of water it can handle. It slows down the water as it passes over it's surface. This unique design also helps shed debris easier. The frame is covered by a surgical grade stainless steel mesh. Micro mesh is designed with the perfect .20 mesh, which gives it a .840 micron opening. This hole size allows the guard to handle the heaviest rain fall and is the ideal size for snow and ice melt.

GutterDome is an under shingle mount or fascia style mount. This allows for installation on short or long gutter runs without affecting the angle of the slope for maximum performance. GutterDome is one of the best products on the market. Our installers and our homeowners all agree it's the best guard they have experienced.

  • Stainless steel mesh (surgical grade)
  • Highest quality 6063 extruded aluminum

  • Available in 5” or 6” widths

  • .20 mesh yields .840 micron opening

  • Optimum mesh size for snow and ice

  • Integrated heat cable technology


Heat Cable Technology

GutterDome and heat cables can be integrated to prevent ice dams. By combining a heat cable with your micro-mesh guard, you can heat your entire gutter system. This will melt snow and ice. GutterDome's unique micro-mesh size is the key to keep melted snow and ice from running over the front of your gutter.

30 Year Transferable warranty