Micro-Mesh Style Gutter Cover

Micro-Mesh guards sit at an angle from the lip of the gutter to the roof edge becoming a continuation of the roof pitch allowing debris to shed easily. Debris is removed by wind or washed off the guard when it rains. The mesh is designed with the perfect size opening to allow only water to permeate the gutter. It makes micro-mesh the only style system to keep out 100% of debris. Micro-mesh guards are the most maintenance free system available and simply out perform all other products.

See How Micro-Mesh Guards Work
- this video content demonstrated courtesy of Xtreme Guard

Heat Cable Technology

We all know what a Minnesota winter can look like. Heat cables can be integrated into our micro-mesh guard. By combining a heat cable with your micro-mesh guard, you can heat your entire gutter system. This will melt snow and ice and is one of the best ways to prevent ice dams, saving yourself from costly repairs.

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