E-Z Micro Mesh - Bronze Performance

E-Z Micro Mesh is a powder-coated aluminum screen. Designed with three 90º “steps” to keep water from surface tensioning across the screen, while forcing water into the gutter and reducing the effects of water-streaks and tiger-striping across the gutter. The newly designed center beads also add strength and durability. This is a professional grade product available at a do-it-yourself price.

E-Z Micro is a fascia style mounting gutter cover. It will not interfere with your shingles and installs on most gutter systems. The angled back edge holds tight by locking into hidden gutter hangers. The front clips under the gutter hem to prevent water overflow and give your system a low profile look adding to the curb appeal of your home.

  • Powder-coated Aluminum (black finish)
  • Available in 5” or 6” widths

  • Locks into hidden hangers

  • Reduces water-streaks and tiger-striping

Even though my trees weren’t tall enough yet for leaves and debris to clog my gutter, the EZ-Micro Mesh cover was an affordable option for peace of mind later that my gutters would stay clog free.
— G. Erhard, Woodbury MN