Heat Cable Technology


Heat cables are one of the best ways to prevent ice dams and save yourself from costly repairs. They can be installed on the edge of your roof, in your gutters and in the GutterDome micro-mesh cover.

Heat Cables With or Without Gutters

Heat cables can be installed on your roof, valleys, around dormers and throughout your gutter system. They are installed on the edge of your roof in a zig-zag pattern. This will break up the snow and ice allowing for easier melting between the zig-zag pattern of the heat cables. If you have gutters they are also placed in the bottom of the gutter and through the downspout to ensure the melted snow and ice flows freely out of the system. Some homeowners will plug the cable in when it snows, like shoveling the driveway, where-as others will plug them in and let them run all winter.

Heat Cables with Gutter Cover

A heat cable is installed inside the frame channel of our gold performance cover, GutterDome. Unlike the open gutter system that has a zig-zag pattern on the roof, heat cables integrated with GutterDome are fully enclosed in the system. This gives you a cleaner look and keeps your roof edge clear for debris to shed freely. The cable also lays in the gutter and runs through the downspout. This ensures that as the snow and ice melt it can flow freely out of your gutter system. You simply plug in the heat cable to an outlet and it does the rest.  Whether you plug this system in for the winter or only when it snows, you'll now have a heated system keeping ice dams off of your home.

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