Protect Your Greatest Investment

Why do I even need gutters?    What's the point of covering my gutters?    What kind of water damage or problems will occur?

Why do I even need gutters?

What's the point of covering my gutters?

What kind of water damage or problems will occur?

These are some of the most asked questions and are the ones you shouldn't be avoiding. Of course you need gutters. Water is one of the most crafty, dangerous and illusive threats to a home. A properly installed gutter system controls water and moves it away from your home and is a vital part of home protection. A clogged gutter becomes a whole new problem that will cause a gutter system to overflow, resulting in water penetration in your walls, doors and windows. The list of damages that can occur on your home is very long. Some that can become so expensive you may need to sit down.

  • Rot/Mold: Water can rot out fascia boards, soffit and wood panel siding. This can result in a gutter and even fascia pulling away from house with the weight of water or ice. Water can also work its way into your walls, windows and doors. Moisture inside your walls invites mold to grow. This is most commonly seen when gutters are not kept clean or a gutter system is holding water from improper installation.
  • Staining: Water falling from a roof edge without a gutter will discolor and stain decks from constantly beating down in the same area. Staining is also commonly seen on driveways or walkways. In most cases the water will start to break apart concrete and walkways when collected water continues to fall in the same area. Siding can become stained or even rot from water splashing off the ground. 
  • Destroyed Landscaping: Did you just spend money on a nice mulch bed? Water will wash away many types of landscaping fill. It can destroy plants and flowers and cause quite a mess.
  • Erosion: This is most commonly seen after a few years. Water running off the roof edge causes the earth around the base of your home to sink in creating a hole or crevasse. In some cases you will see the ground erode away from the house exposing the foundation.
  • Cracked Foundation: Though this problem may not be seen for many years, this is a huge problem. Water that is not being controlled and forced away from your house will sit next to the foundation. Water sitting next to a foundation will weaken it's integrity, eventually working it's way into your basement.
  • Basement Leaks: This one explains itself. Older homes are more vulnerable to this problem. This can be a major problem if you have a finished basement.

Why would you not make a small investment to protect your large investment? Request a free estimate today and let our trained professionals show you the best seamless gutter system and gutter Cover that fit your needs.